Hello there!  My name is Shelley, but some people call
me Shelf.  I like to see myself as somewhat an art
enthusiast. You know, enthusiastic about starting a
new art project, whether it be a sculpture or a collage
made of candy wrappers, but not so enthusiastic
about finishing anything.   I won't consider myself an
actual artist until I manage to finish at least one
project I start.
This comic was started about a
year ago.  My significant other,
Josh, enjoyed reading online
comics like Mega Tokyo,
ctrl-alt-del, and Penny Arcade.
 In fact, everything in life
became related to Penny
Arcade to Josh in one way or
another.  After numerous
bouts of "that's like what
happened in Penny Arcade," I
decided to make a little short
geeky comic about Josh and
his nerdball friend Ryan.  Thus
came about my first comic,
"The Importance of Good
Graphics."  Josh was very
amused.  Since I enjoyed
amusing Josh, I decided to
write just one more...and then
another... and one more after
that.  Soon I was writing a
couple a week.  Anytime Josh
didn't get a comic, he would
call and yell, "Where's my
It was at the creation of the
forty-forth comic when I
decided to put my comics on
the internet.  I was a little
nervous at first, seeing as how
most of my jokes were only
funny to those who knew Josh,
but I did it anyway.  I'm very
I did too, because it's
been an entertaining
experience.  The only downside
to creating and maintaining the
website is that I spend way too
much time on the couch in
front of my laptop.